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Flow meter

TU 4213-015-49652808-2010

 Flow meter  

Flow meter DRS.T is designed for volume flow rate measuring in pressure control systems or heat supply systems . Operational conditions UHL1 (HL1) according to GOST 15150. Operational temperature ranges from −50°C up to +60°C, for flow meters with LCD indicator from −40°C up to +60°C.

Flow meter DRS.T meets the requirements of “Electrical Engineering Regulations” Section 7.3 for stationary plant and allows operation in hazard locations class B-1a, B-1b, B-1g. Explosion safety is guaranteed by the absence of spark elements and heat-affected elements with the temperature higher than 80°C.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum operating pressure, MPa 25
Name of the product DRS.T-25A DRS.T-25 DRS.T-250 DRS.T-200
Nominal bore (Dy), mm 40 40 50 80
Ring gasket diameter for flange connection (Dn), mm 80 128
Flow rate range, m3/per hour 0.5…25 0.5…25 1…50 4…200
Operational temperature ranges, °C -50…+60
Operational temperature ranges with LCD indicator, °C -40…+60
Relative error, not to exceed % +-1.5%
Electricity supply, V 24+-5
Required power, W 1
Dimensions, (DxLxH), mm. 110x140x310 140x160x350 140x160x350 140x160x350
Weight, (not exceeding) kg 8.9 14.3 13.8 13.1