Flow meter

KR 65(32)x21

TU 4213-00849652808-2004

Flow meter  

Designation and options:

Flow meter is designed for volume flow rate of: fresh, technical, produced (from oil processing units) water, formation water in the field without field network of electrical current, for example on the injection wells.


  • Primary instrument (sensor) PPRE-32×21 (PPRE-32/100×21), PPRE-65×21 (PPRE-65/100×21), PPRE-100×21
  • Portable secondary instrumentBIP-16 with independent power supply designed for volume flow rate in the field conditions; register for 16 measuring objects

Principle of action:

Measuring of the electromotive force induced by geomagnetic field in the conducting fluid proportional to the average speed of the flow.


  • Wide range of operating pressures (up to 21MPa)
  • Operation with the increased gas ratio
  • Operation with high flow inhomogeneity near pipe bends, adjustable chokes, back pressure valves and gate valves
  • Absence of structure elements in the flow through. Pressure drop doesn’t exceed pressure drop in the pipelines of the same length

Technical Characteristics

Maximum operating pressure, MPa (psi) 21 (3000)
Name of the product PPRE 32x21 PPRE 65x21 PPRE 32/80x21 PPRE 32/100x21 PPRE 65/100x21 PPRE 100x21
Nominal bore (Dy), mm 32 65 32 32 65 100
Ring gasket diameter for flange connection (Dn), mm 90 128
Flow rate range, m3/per hour 0.3…30 1.25…125 0.3…30 0.3…30 1.25…125 3…300
Sensor operational temperature ranges, °C -60….+50
BIP-16 operational temperature ranges, °C -20….+50
Relative error +-1.5%
Electricity supply:
- Primary instrument PPRE
- Secondary instrument BIP-16

Is not needed
6 elements x 1.2V
Relative error +-1.5%
Dimensions, mm:
- Primary instrument PPRE, (D)
125 146 120 160 160 195
Secondary instrument BIP-16 165x140x62
Weight, (not exceeding) kg:
- Secondary instrument BIP-16

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