Electroinsulating joints for oil and water pipelines

TU 3799-010-49652808-2004

Electroinsulating joints for oil and water pipelines   

Electroinsulating joints- non-flanged, one-piecepipeline insulating joints (TIS) that are used for insulating of pipelines ends of underground, ground (overhead) pipelines that transport waste water, oil, gas, technical water, protected from electrochemical corrosion with cathode protection or without it.

Due to sufficient length of the insulating part (several calibers) TIS allows to eliminate leak of protective current through elements that are adjacent to the protected part and contacting with the ground (equipment, facility entrance, concrete bases, non-insulated parts of the pipelines).

Climatic category UHL1 GOST 15150-69. Temperature ranges from —60°C to +40°C. Flowing fluid temperature up to 110°C.

Pipe material — steel 09G2S according to technical conditions TU 14-3-1128-82, insulating material — fiber glass.

Power bandage is used to improve reliability:

  • For operating pressure under 4 MPa — composite made of basalt roving (drawing 1)
  • For operating pressure more than 4 MPa — metal made of steel 09G2S according to technical conditions TU 14-3-1128-82 (drawing 2)

All materials used for electroinsulating joints are certified.

There are two types of electroinsulating joints TIS-M:

  • For oil and technical water flow lines — TIS-40M2 (Pn=4MPa, Dn=50/65,65,80,100,150,200,250,300 mm.)
  • For injection pipelines for pressure control system — TIS —21M5a

Technical Characteristics

Name of the product Nominal bore, Dy, mm. Operating pressure, Py, MPa Length L, mm. Connection diameter x wall thickness, mm. Weight, kg.
TIS-40M2 for oil and water pipelines (with composite bandage)
TIS 50/65-40M2 50 4 860 73x12 17.6
TIS 65-40M2 65 4 740 88x11.5 15.5
TIS 80-40M2 80 4 740 101x11.5 16.9
TIS 100-40M2 100 4 740 115x9 18.9
TIS 150-40M2 150 4 740 160x8 26.9
TIS 200-40M2 200 4 970 218x13.5 54.5
TIS 250-40M2 250 4 972 272x11.5 60.7
TIS 300-40M2 300 4 970 321x11.5 75.6
TIS-210M5A for waste water injection pipelines for the pressure control system (with metal bandage)
TIS 50/65-210M5A 65 21 1403 73x12 28.2
TIS 65-210M5A 65 21 1200 88x11.5 23.5
TIS 80-210M5A 80 21 1200 101x11.5 26
TIS 100-210M5A 100 21 1200 115x9 30
TIS 100/150-210M5A 100 21 1460 159x7.5 37

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