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Multi-stream switching manifold

Multi-stream switching manifold  

Multi-stream switching manifold PSM is designed for automatic and manual setting of wells for measuring in measuring units “T”-GZU.

Depending on the operational conditions different variants of body corrosion and wear protection arepossible:

Technical Characteristics

Operating pressure, MPa, not to exceed 4.0
Diameter of inlets, mm 80
Diameter of a common outlet, mm 150
Diameter of the measuring connection, mm 80
Number of connected wells 1-14
Maximum pressure difference between measuring and common pipeline, MPa, not to exceed 0.3
Voltage of the positioning sensor, V 24
Type of current Direct current
Temperature ranges, °C +5…+50
Environmental relative humidity with temperature +20°C, %, not to exceed 80
Dimensions, mm, not to exceed Diameter 660
Height 920
Weight, kg, not to exceed 320