Injection Manifold Unit


TU 3666-012-49652808-2005

Injection Manifold Unit  

Injection manifold unit is designed for distribution, flow and pressure measuringof technical water that is injected to the wells of the pressure control system.

Commonly, it consists of two mobile units: technological and processing. Technological unit includes: injection manifold with gate valves; high-pressure water intake; drainage line with gate valves to perform drain of liquid during assembly/disassembly of the equipment. There are flow meters on every high pressure water line.

Depending on the Customer’s order unit can be equipped with fire and gas warning sensors.

There is an automation unit in the processing unit that allows to perform device control in technological unit, there may be also installed secondary instruments that collect information from flow meters.

Technical Characteristics

Composition of fluids Technical water for pressure control system, fresh and discharge water with mechanical impurities not exceeding 0.5% with particles not exceeding 0.1mm, CO2 and H2 up to 0.03%
Flowing fluid temperature, °C 40
Operating pressure, MPa (psi) not to exceed 16 (2000), 21 (3000), 35 (5000)
Explosion protection class V1b, V1a
Climatic category UHL1 (HL1) GOST 15150-69Temperature ranges from +40 to -60°C
Temperature inside unit with the average winter temperature -40°C, no less than +5
Covering material Three layers sandwich-type panels, 50 mm. thick or other according to the request of the Customer
Light level, lux, no less than 20
Parameters of the electric line:
- type of current
- voltage, W

Alternating current
Nominal bore of the connected pipelines, mm* Intake Injection
130, 180 65, 80, 100
Flow meter According to the order (DRS.T, KR2 and other)
Number of high pressure lines, pcs 2 to 14

*Depending on the Customer’s requirements it’s possible to make injection manifolds units with other nominal bores of the connected pipelines: intake and injection.

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