Disk Choke Gate Valve

ZDSh 65/38-140(210,350)Mr4 (three position)

TU 3741-001-49652808-2000

Disk Choke Gate Valve  

Disk gate valve ZDSh Mr4 is designed on the basis of the disk choke gate valve ZDSh with equivalent technical characteristics and dimensions. Additional 38 mm. hole in the gate allows to work not only in the “choke restriction” mode but also in the “full bore” mode. The disk gate valve is equipped with metal chokes with hole diameters 2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12 mm. or 20,22,25,28,30,32 mm.

It is intended for step control of the flow (technical water, oil and etc.) and is installed on the high pressure pipelines.

ZDSh connection sizes are equivalent to ZMS.

Technical Characteristics

Product Name Dn, mm. Pn, MPa (psi) L, mm D, mm D1, mm D2, mm n, pcs d, mm H, mm h, mm Modification
65 14(2000) 350 195 160 90 8 22 270 40 GOST 28919
65 21(3000) 422 245 190.5 107.9 8 28 295 50

Disk Choke Gate Valve

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