Disk Gate Valves

Disk gate valves are intended for use as stop and (or) control device in the wellhead equipment, X-mas and Injection trees, pipelines with the flow temperature not exceeding +120C.

Resistance to the impact of the well media — K1, K2 in accordance with the national standard GOST 13846.

Climatic category of the wellhead equipment — UHL(HL1) in accordance with the national standard GOST 15150-69.

Operational temperature limits +40°C —60°C.

Product specification level UTT-1(PSL-1) in accordance with the national standard GOST R 51365-99.

There is a possibility to produce disk gate valves in accordance with the requirements of Gazprom organization standard 2-4.1-212-2008.

Types of disk gate valves:

  • ZD — steel gate valve, full bore, with the disk-type gate;
  • ZDSh — steel gate valve, with the disk-type gate, with the quick-change or built-in (revolver-type gate valve) for step control of the flow.

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