Polished Rod Stuffing Box

SUpk 2-73-31

Polished rod stuffing box is intended for sealing of the polished rod of the pump unit.

The distinguished feature of this design is the usage of rubber seals with the advanced equipment life.

The spherical ball joint and the blowout preventer allow:

  • to compensate angle misalignment of the well head and the polished rod hanger ±50 mm;
  • to prevent emergency discharge in event of rod breakage.

Polished Rod Stuffing Box

Technical Characteristics

Polished rod stuffing box SU 4-73-31 SUpk 2-73-31
Maximum operating pressure, Mpa (kg/sm2)
With the Pumping Unit On 4(570) 4(570)
With the Pumping Unit Off 14(2000) 14(2000)
Diameter of the polished rod, mm. 31…32 31…32
Connection thread NKT73 NKT73
Dimensions, mm. 210x150x526 210x150x616
Weight, kg 15 32

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