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Injection Wellhead Equipment with Flow Meters

TU 3665-009-49652808-2004

Injection Wellhead Equipment with Flow Meters  

Injection Wellhead Equipment with Flow Meters adds functionality to Injection wellhead equipment ANK1(ANK1Sh)-65×21K1(K2) and ANK(ANKSh)-65×21K1(K2) in measuring and control of the flow that goes into the well.

Flow rate measuring with the accuracy ±3% is performed with Flow Meters KR2-65(32)x21 or built-in flow meter PPRE-65×21 while connecting it to the portable secondary device BIP-16.

Gross regulation of the flow rate is performed with the regulating choke installed in the disk choke gate valve ZDSh-65×210M. Fine regulation is performed by the adjustment choke.

Climatic category of the wellhead equipment — UHL(HL1) in accordance with the national standard GOST 15150-69.

Temperature ranges +40°C −60°C.

Depending on the Customer’s order any variant and combination are possible.