Christmas tree

Christmas tree 

Base variant 

X-mas tree is intended for wellhead sealing, controlling of its operational mode, installation of devices to perform well research and technological operations.

X-mas tree is equipped with safe, easy-to-use and highly proof disk gate valves ZD-type.

To perform step control of the flow X-mas tree (AFK1Sh) is equipped with disk choke gate valves ZDSh. One operator can change chokes in the disk choke gate valveZDShin 3-5 min. with the disk gate in the closed position without pressure release.

Absence of free space in disk gate valves of this type exclude the possibility of penetration and freezing of water in the body of the valve. Alloys and materials used guarantee high resistance to wear and corrosion.

Can be transformed to the injection type ANK.

Climatic category of the wellhead equipment — UHL(HL1) in accordance with the national standard GOST 15150-69.

Temperature ranges +40°C −60°C.

Depending on the Customer’s order any variant and combination are possible.

Variants of crosses

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Technical characteristics

Operational Pressure Pn, MPa (psi)

14(2000), 21(3000), 35(5000)

Nominal Bore Dn, mm.Master valve

65, 80, 100

Side Outlets

50, 65, 80, 100

Side Outlets of the Tubing Head

50, 65

Connection ThreadTo tubing*

NKT73, NKT89 GOST 633-80

To casing of M2,M3 type*

OTTM 146, 168 GOST 632-80

Exposure to production fluid

K1, K2 GOST 13846-89

Flowing fluid temperature, °C

Not to exceed 120

*Depending on the Customer’s order X-mas tree can be made with different type of thread.

Christmas tree

Depending on the Customer’s order any variant and combination are possible.

Christmas tree

X-mas Trees with Manifolds

Christmas tree

X-mas Trees for Gas Wells

Christmas tree

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